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How To Safely Tow a Trailer

Posted on by Andy's Auto Supply & Repair

Tips for Towing a Trailer Is this rainy, cold weather getting you down? Perhaps you’re passing the time by imagining your upcoming summer adventures here in the Pacific Northwest. Or maybe you’re getting ready to move, and you plan on hitching a trailer to your vehicle instead of renting a moving truck. In any case, […]

Common Automotive Problems to Watch Out For This Winter

Posted on by Andy's Auto Supply & Repair

Winter is Coming to Portland The rainy season is here, and winter is coming.¬†Game of Thrones is over, but KGW’s Rod Hill just announced a prediction for six weeks of rain throughout the rest of November and headed through December. With this change of precipitation comes a change in temperature. Cold temperatures are hard on […]

6 Signs Your Radiator Needs Work

Posted on by Andy's Auto Supply & Repair

What Does a Radiator Do? Modern combustion engines produce heat as they run. A vehicle’s radiator cools the engine and prevents it from overheating, which can result in extensive damage to the car. The engine uses coolant to absorb heat, and then it transfers the coolant to the radiator to cool down. Once the coolant […]

Car Maintenance Tips for Your Next Summer Road Trip

Posted on by Andy's Auto Supply & Repair

Summer Road Trip Maintenance Tips Summer is probably the most popular season for going on road trips. The clear weather and sunny skies provide an excellent background for long drives to all sorts of places. Some like to travel to the beach to escape the heat in the water, some travel for family functions in […]


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