Brakes Portland

Brakes Portland

Maintaining and Repairing Your Brakes

The trained and certified technicians at Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair have provided the best Portland service for brakes and braking components since our inception. Our local auto repair shop is staffed with braking experts to reliably assess your vehicle’s braking system and perform guaranteed repairs.

Want to test your brakes? Make us your first stop. Come to Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair for a full brake inspection. Andy does not only provide extensive car maintenance experience, but we also supply your car with top-of-the-line materials that will keep your vehicle running at optimum performance. Our honest customer service will help you understand any issues with your brakes in addition to helping you determine the most affordable and effective solution to any problems we discover.

Our Expert Brake Services for Portland

Whether it’s disc or drum, our shop can make sure your brakes are always working their best. Here are some of our services:

  • Complete brake system inspection
  • Brake pad or shoe installation
  • Rotor and drum reconditioning and resurfacing
  • Brake flushing and bleeds
  • Full braking system replacements and upgrades
  • Antilock and stability control checks
  • Parking brake service and repair
  • Master cylinder and hydraulics servicing
  • Performance and standard braking services
  • Caliper and rotor replacement

Whether they’re for daily driving or driving for performance, your car’s brakes experience normal wear and tear that will eventually require maintenance. No matter the type of braking system, the components won’t continue to perform their best without the right service. At Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair, our technicians use a checklist protocol to analyze the specific issues in your brake system. We inspect the brakes’ lining condition, rotors, drums, brake hardware, and master cylinder. We’ll follow up with you in straightforward, easy-to-understand detail about the best options for repairing your brakes, and we’ll help you get the best replacement materials for the best price within your budget. By regularly scheduling maintenance with us, Portland drivers can make sure their cars always stop on a dime.

Brake Repair Portland OR

Signs It’s Time For Brake Service

Because your braking system degrades slowly, it can be hard to notice a loss of performance or any measurable change.

How You Know Your Brakes Are Failing

1. Worn out brake pads: Your brake pads wear down slightly every time you use them. Aggressive or continuous braking wears them down faster. Your brake pads start around 12 millimeters. If they’ve gone down to half that, you’ll want to bring them in.

2. Screeching: The telltale screeching coming from your brakes when you stop you need to replace your brake pads.

3. Scraping: If you hear the sounds of metal on metal, your brake pads have worn away and are now damaging the rotor surface.

4. Rusty brake fluid: If your brake fluid is rusty in color, it’s time to get it flushed. Your brake fluid is responsible for moving the various parts of your braking system.

5. Your brake fluid smells: If you can smell your brake fluid, that typically means there is a leak to the hydraulics of your braking system.

Come To Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair For Complete Brake Repair

Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair also offers additional services such as:

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