Check Engine Light Portland

Check Engine Light Problems?

Check Engine Light Portland

One of the worst feelings in the world as a car owner is seeing your vehicle’s check engine light appear. It could mean the end is coming for your car, or it could mean nothing at all. Either way, it’s a terrifying feeling. Luckily, Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair has all the tools necessary to accurately diagnose what is causing your car’s check engine light to come on and fix the problem before it gets worse. Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair is the go-to auto repair shop for your check engine light Portland! Come in or call us today and have us take a look at your check engine light!

What Could Make The Light Set Off?

There are quite a few reasons why your check engine light can turn on. One of which doesn’t necessarily have to do with your engine at all! Let’s take a look at the most common problems that can make your vehicle’s check engine light come on:

  • Gas Cap Loose/Missing/Broken: This is the one reason that has nothing to do with your engine directly. If your gas cap remains loosely tightened or if it was lost or damaged, it can cause your check engine light to come on. It’s extremely important to make sure your cap is screwed on tightly after getting gas and to make sure it isn’t damaged. If it remains unfixed, you can end up losing more fuel via evaporation and end up having to get gas far more often.
  • Time to Replace the Mass Airflow Sensor: The mass airflow sensor for your vehicle measures how much air enters the engine to determine how much fuel the engine needs to run at it’s most efficient level. It’s essential to get this part checked and replaced because it can lead to damage to other parts of your engine and lead to reduced performance and reduced fuel economy for your car.
  • Check Engine Light PortlandSpark Plugs or Plug Wires: Your car’s spark plugs a crucial part to your engine’s ignition system. If the wires or plugs themselves are corroded or worn, you can experience poor power performance, reduced fuel economy, and can cause issues to other vital components of your engine.
  • Bad Catalytic Converter: Catalytic converters are essential for your vehicle’s exhaust system, as they convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. When the converter starts faltering, you could be causing harmful carbon monoxide into the air. If you have a bad converter, it will cause your vehicle to fail emissions tests, hurt your car’s fuel economy, and can even make your vehicle run at a higher temperature, leading to it potentially overheating.
  • Poor Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor of your vehicle measures the amount of oxygen that needs burning in the exhaust system. If the sensor is failing and needs replacements, the engine will burn extra fuel, which results in fewer miles per gallon. It can cause damage to other parts of the engine, including the spark plugs.

Engine Light Repair and Diagnosis Services

At Andy’s Auto Supply & Repair, we have all the tools necessary to accurately diagnose what exactly is going on when your check engine light comes on and how to fix it. Call us today for an inspection and quote!

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